Acceptance of What Happens

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and Terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final ~Rainer Maria Rilke

There was a time when people knew that life was supposed to be hard. Their thinking wasn’t that they deserved certain things or that they deserved happiness. They accepted more the idea of hard work and that things happen in life. As we look at the world through television, technology, and all the conveniences around us, we now seem to have certain expectations: that life should be easy, or that we should have certain things, or that difficulties or tragedies shouldn’t happen to us. We no longer accept life for what it is. We have expectations that just aren’t the reality.
In this modern world, we specifically try to seek happiness. Are we really happier now than people in the past, who just lived their lives? It seems we are setting ourselves up for a more difficult and miserable life. We often don’t have control of what goes on externally, but we have control of what goes on internally, such as our attitude. Look at where you are in life: accept whatever it is and whatever happens. Things happen all the time. Notice life’s constant motion. Notice our changing emotions. Nothing is final. Just keep going, because in life there is beauty and terror and everything else in between.

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