Which type of therapy is right for me?

Individuals who are having difficulty coping with life or who have issues that are interfering with their ability to function can receive more than one type of service to enhance the treatment process. You can receive individual and family therapy, or individual and group therapy. You can go to the same therapist for all the services, or you can go to different therapists for each of them. This can be determined by you and your therapist.

In the case of couples therapy, the couple may choose to receive couples therapy with one therapist but see different therapists for their individual therapy. In this case there would be three different therapists involved in treatment. For other couples, they may prefer all the treatment to be provided by one therapist. Some therapists who do couples therapy prefer not to do individual therapy with the couple.

Kim says: I provide both options for my clients, whichever they feel most comfortable doing.

If you are mandated to attend therapy, it may already be determined by court which treatment modality you will need to fulfill.

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