Food for Thought

Thoughts are powerful. Just like food, there are healthy and unhealthy things that you can feed your mind. Become mindful of which thoughts you dwell on and believe. Don’t go for junk food that hurts you. Your soul craves for positive affirmations that validate who you are and what you are experiencing. One way to feed your mind with healthy food is to listen to guided meditation, such as the one below.

I know there are times when I become worried, pressured, angry or sad, and I accept what I feel as my inner truth of the moment.

I know that the more I can acknowledge and accept my feelings without criticism or blame, the more I allow myself to be peaceful, calm and well.

More and more I can let go of worrying about things I can’t control and focus on my own inner peacefulness.

— Affirmations for Mind, Body, and Spirit by Belleruth Naparstek

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